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New Zealand Cadet Forces

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The New Zealand Cadet Forces (NZCF) is a voluntary, disciplined, uniformed leadership training organisation for youth. It has three branches:

  • Sea Cadet Corps ("Sea” cadets, or SCC)
  • Air Training Corps ("Air” cadets, or ATC)
  • New Zealand Cadet Corps ("Army” cadets, or NZCC)

Although the organisation has a distinct military flavour, it is not directly part of the New Zealand Defence Force. The Chief of Defence Force administers it on behalf of the Minister of Defence. At local level it is supported in partnership by the NZDF and the community.

Our Vision: To be recognised as New Zealand's youth organisation of choice.

Our Mission: To develop confident, responsible young citizens who are valued within their community by providing them, within a military framework, safe, enjoyable and challenging opportunities.

Our Core Values:

  • Respect - having self respect and showing respect for others.
  • Integrity - being honest, open and trustworthy in all that we do.
  • Loyalty - being reliable and committed to our Unit and Corps.
  • Discipline - always conducting ourselves in a responsible manner.

Training programmes emphasise personal development. The NZCF offers a quality, nationally coordinated training programme, which aims:

  • To foster a spirit of adventure and teamwork, and to develop those qualities of mind and body essential for good citizens and leaders.
  • To provide challenging and disciplined training activities, which will be useful in either Service or civilian life.
  • To promote an awareness of the Armed Forces, and the role they play in the community.

Cadets are treated as young adults, and as such are expected to take responsibility for their actions. Initiative and cooperation are rewarded, but likewise as a disciplined organisation there are consequences if the rules of the organisation are not followed. Within this structured environment the more effort you put in, the more satisfaction and recognition you will receive.

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Sea Cadet Corps

Sea Cadets is the "Navy” flavour of NZCF. Sea Cadets wear a Navy uniform, learn Navy drill and undertake water-related activities. Some other training is shared with the ATC and NZCC.

There are 19 Sea Cadet Corps units in New Zealand, known as Training Ships.

TS Amokura

We are TS Amokura (Wellington), one of four Sea Cadet Corps units in the greater Wellington region.

We were formed in 1963. We are now based in Evans Bay, at the Wellington Cadet Centre, a purpose built cadet building opened in 2007.

TS Amokura has a strong history as one of the top Sea Cadet units in New Zealand. It has won the National Efficiency Trophy for best unit more times than other units and has regularly performed strongly in the National Sea Cadet Regatta, a competition all Sea Cadet units in the country compete in every three years.

TS Amokura’s motto is Try Always, and our crest is symbolic of the importance of learning maritime knowledge in order to navigate a safe course through life.

We meet every Wednesday evening from 6.50pm to 9.15pm during the school term, and occasionally on the weekend for activities.