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Join TS Amokura!

Here you can find all the information you need to join TS Amokura. If you’ve already decided you would like to join, then simply complete our Joining Form. Recruiting is currently open.

What is the joining critera?

New recruits must:

  • Be aged between 13 and 15 years (12 year olds are accepted only if they are already in Year 9 at Secondary School)
  • Abide by the Terms and Conditions of Membership, NZCF Code of Behaviour, and Ship Standing Orders


TS Amokura parades on Wednesday nights during the school term, from 6.50pm to 9.15pm. Cadets are expected to attend training on these nights. If you are not able to attend you must let unit staff know in advance.

Weekend activities are optional, but you are encouraged to attend as many as you can. You will get the most benefit from our training and activities by attending on a regular basis – this means coming along every week and attending as many activities as you can.


Once you are enrolled you will be issued with a uniform. This uniform will be on loan to you for the duration of your time in cadets, but must be returned when you leave the unit. The uniform is worn on Wednesday nights and during some activities and is very similar to that of the Royal New Zealand Navy.

We place a strong emphasis on having pride in our uniforms, which means you will be expected to keep it to a good standard. We will teach you how to wear and look after your uniform. You will need to provide your own pair of black lace-up shoes which can be polished.