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What We Do

Training Programme

Our Wednesday night training covers a variety of topics and is based on learning basic skills that allow you to participate in our many practical activities. We run a three year training programme, with each year’s training building on the last. You’ll get the most benefit out of the training programme by attending as many as parade nights and activities as you can.



The NZCF is now able to offer cadets recognised New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) credits for part of our training programme. The credits, or unit standards, form the National Certificate in Cadet Forces (Foundation Skills) – Level Two. Some of these credits may be used towards meeting the requirements of NCEA levels One to Three.


Water-Based Training


Our water-based training is at the heart of what we do at Sea Cadets. We have a number of different types of sailing, rowing, power boats and kayaks which are used for all aspects of sailing and seamanship training.


Activities and Exercises


Outside our weeknight parades, we also hold a wide range of weekend activities and exercises for you to participate in. These are designed to put the skills learnt on a Wednesday night into practice – so you get the most benefit from doing as much as you can.




Once you have been attending cadets for at least a year, you will become eligible to attend national NZCF Promotion, Sailing, and Bushcraft courses with other Sea, Army and Air cadets from around the country.