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What We Do

Activities and Exercises

Outside our weeknight parades, we also hold a wide range of weekend activities and exercises for you to participate in. These are designed to put the skills learnt on a Wednesday night into practice – so you get the most benefit from doing as much as you can.

During our activities you’ll get the opportunity to try new things, as well as meet cadets from other cadet units in Wellington and the North Island.

Weekend activities are usually held on a Saturday, or over a whole weekend. Common activities include:

  • Sailing (practice and races)

  • Kayaking

  • Powerboating

  • Target Shooting

  • Regattas (skills competitions against other units, sometimes held out of Wellington)

  • RNZN ship visits

  • Sail camps

  • Tramping

  • Bushcraft camps

  • High ropes course

  • Visits to military camps and bases

  • Military parades

  • Inter-unit sports competitions

To see pictures of some of these activities and exercises, go to our Photo Gallery.