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Once you have been attending cadets for at least a year, you will become eligible to attend national NZCF Promotion, Sailing, and Bushcraft courses with other Sea, Army and Air cadets from around the country.

Each course is usually a week long (some are a little longer) and are held during the school holidays. The courses are run by NZCF, with the assistance of the NZDF, and are held on NZDF establishments throughout New Zealand. They’re free of charge, including transport to and from the course.

Leadership Courses

There are three main leadership courses you can attend as a cadet.

The Junior Leader Course teaches you leadership skills and how to instruct drill lessons. The course gives you the opportunity to lead a group in a range of fun activities, and make new friends from around the North Island. This course enables you to be promoted to the rank of Leading Cadet.

You’ll spend a week at either RNZAF Base Ohakea or Linton Military Camp near Palmerston North with other Sea, Army, and Air Cadets.

The Senior Leader Course is the second course and develops your leadership skills further. You’ll learn how to teach classroom lessons so you can teach younger cadets at the unit. On completion you’ll be eligible for promotion to Petty Officer Cadet and then later on, Chief Petty Officer Cadet. You will ve given more responsibility within the unit.

This course is also a tri-corps course, usually held at RNZAF Base Ohakea.

The Under Officer Course is for senior cadets hoping to consolidate their leadership skills and learn how to take on important roles within the unit. The course also helps prepare you if you are interested in training to become an officer later on.

After this course you can be promoted to the rank of Master Cadet. The course is usually held at the Royal New Zealand Police College in Porirua or RNZAF Base Woodbourne in Blenheim.

Cadet Sailing Charge Course

This course is for those wishing to enhance their sailing skills and qualify for the SCC Sailing Charge certificate. At the end of the course you will be qualified as a coxswain and able to take charge of a boat and its crew. The course is held over a week in January every year at Whangaparaoa, the Navy’s training establishment outside of Auckland.

Bushcraft Course

The Junior Outdoor Leader Course teaches you a variety of skills for leading groups when tramping and camping in the outdoors. You learn navigation, first aid, river crossing, risk management, survival, and outdoor skills. This course is held at Dip Flat, the RNZAF’s outdoor training area near Nelson Lakes, or at Camp Helwan, at the Waiouru Military Camp.

Exercise SEENAVY

Exercise SEENAVY is a three day course designed to familiarise cadets with various career options and life in the RNZN. It is held at the RNZN base in Devonport, Auckland.