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What We Do


The NZCF is now able to offer cadets recognised New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) credits for part of our training programme. The credits, or unit standards, form the National Certificate in Cadet Forces (Foundation Skills) – Level Two. Some of these credits may be used towards meeting the requirements of NCEA levels One to Three.

Cadets can now receive formal recognition for the training they undertake through cadets. The subject areas our training programme with Unit Standards attached to them are:

  • Boat Knowledge

  • Leadership

  • Risk Management

  • Cadet Force Knowledge

  • Lifeskills

  • Sailing

  • Drill

  • Outboard Engines

  • Sea Survival & Sea Safety

  • Firearms Training

  • Physical Training

  • Seamanship

  • General Service Knowledge

  • Radio Procedures

  • Sea Navigation

  • Weather

Cadets wishing to participate need to be registered with the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) of the NZQA. There is a minimal cost associated with this initiative that cadets will be responsible for. This is only payable when you start working towards particular credits.