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What We Do

Water-Based Training

Our water-based training is at the heart of what we do at Sea Cadets. We have a number of different types of sailing, rowing, power boats and kayaks which are used for all aspects of sailing and seamanship training.


You will start off as a learner but in just a few years you will be taking full responsibility for the boat and crew when out on the water as a coxswain. You will work towards a series of unit qualifications and certificates and be able to gain RNZCG boating qualifications as part of your training.

 As part of our water-based training you’ll learn skills in the following areas:

 Sea Survival and Sea Safety:

Gain the skills for surviving on water by learning all the fundamentals of operating our boats.

Boat Skills:

Develop and maintain safe boating skills by learning the correct way to handle and use ropes and other types of key boating equipment. You’ll learn how to handle power, sail, oar and paddle craft.


Learn how to sail our boats. In your first year you’ll learn the basics of sailing, in year two and three you’ll learn more advanced techniques including rigging, sail setting, capsizing and racing.


Learn advanced seamanship skills that are required for more complex sailing.

Sea Navigation:

Learn how to find your way around harbours and the open coast and avoid getting lost when out at sea!

Boat Knowledge:

Learn all about large vessels, including visiting ships and other boats.

Outboard Engines:

Develop skills in operating and maintaining inboard and outboard motors.

Day Skipper:

In your second year you will get the opportunity to qualify on this Royal New Zealand Coast Guard qualification.

Boat Master:

In your third year you will get the opportunity to qualify on this Royal New Zealand Coast Guard advanced qualification.


Our Boats

 If you would like to have a look at the boats we have, or to learn more about them, click here.