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Water-Based Training

Our Boats

TS Amokura has a wide range of boats which provide cadets with different challenges in seamanship, so that they learn various skills as well as having lots of fun.


We have a fleet of seven sit-on-top style kayaks, most of which are tandem or two-person craft. They are used by both the Cadets and our Dolphin group, mainly for paddling around the sheltered waters of Haitaitai Beach and Evans Bay, but they are stored on a road trailer which allows us to do trips further afield. 


The standard training boat of the Sea Cadet Corps is the Crown Dinghy. This is an open boat 5.2 metres (17ft) long which can be rowed or sailed and carries between 3 and 6 people while sailing. This is the boat you will start out in, learning the basics of safety and boat handling. From mastering how to handle an oar and trim a sail, you'll progress through to taking charge of the crew as the Coxswain within about three years. TS Amokura has two Crowns, which are the backbone of our fleet and undertake the majority of sailing activities.


  This is a smaller two person dinghy, which cadets progress to once they have mastered the basics. The Sunburst was designed in New Zealand in the 1960s and is still a very popular class today, used for learn-to-sail classes in many yacht clubs and also for some inter collegiate racing. TS Amokura has two Sunburts, and a tanden trailer so that they can be transported to regattas and other events around the region.

RS Feva XL:

These are our newest type of sailing dinghy, and were introduced to the Sea Cadet movement in 2009. It gives the more experienced cadets a taste of high performance sailing, and is a stepping stone to competititve racing when they leave Cadets. The Feva is a recognised ISAF International Class and has been the best selling two-person sailboat over recent years. These are very fast craft, which can set a gennaker as well as main and foresails. We have two Fevas, with the newest one arriving in January 2012.


The unit operates an Ocean Runner 350 rigid hull inflatable boat. This acts as our primary safety vessel, as well as training the cadets in how to handle small powered craft. Driven by a 15 horsepower outboard motor, she can carry up to five people and give the cadets some high speed thrills!

ML Viking:

TS Amokura also owns a wooden launch, which gives the cadets experience with different boat handling, as well as providing a mobile classroom for navigation and a more seaworthy safety vessel for longer distance trips out into Wellington Harbour. This is kept at Evans Bay Marina and is fitted with with modern electronics including a depth sounder and GPS chart plotter.